Thursday, November 20, 2008

Emmi's been Tagged!!

Emmi has been tagged by Alexis...

Name and Meaning: Emmi and I don't know the meaning of her name.

Age: 20 months almost 21 months.

Nicknames: Emmers, Ems, pooh bear, babers, bemmi, bems.

Favorite Activities: Dancing, singing, listening to music, playing mommy (includes pushing her baby in the stroller and wrapping it in her blanket), going outside, unloading the dishwasher, doing the laundry with mom, dusting (I'm teaching her early!!), blowing her nose, looking at pictures and coloring.

Favorite Foods: She isn't the best eater but she loves hot dogs, chicken nuggets, raisins, green beans, cheese, ketchup or "dip", spagetti and rolls.

Least Favorite foods: She hates veggies except for green beans and she doesn't like chicken unless it is chicken nuggets.

Favorite Music: She loves anything fast and loud. She loves Chris Brown's "Forever", cotten-eye-joe, primary songs and the songs on Playhouse Disney.

Favorite Toys: She loves her doll, blocks, the baby stroller and anything that makes noise.

Favorite Books: She LOVES her animal books. But really any book.

Favorite Item of Clothing: She loves all clothes except for socks. She loves to put clothes on. Especially when I am doing the laundry she loves to put anything on that she can find in the dirty piles.

What Makes her Happy: Mommy, Daddy, Bunny, Blanket,Lars, singing, outside, Mommy, playing in the blinds or with the shower curtain, when daddy comes home from work, blowing bubbles on mommy and daddy's tummy, snuggling, and did I say Mommy?!!!

What Makes her sad: When I don't listen to her or get the thing that she wants right away, when mommy leaves, when we have to come inside (what am I going to do all winter?), when she doesn't get her way...she is starting to "cop a 'tude".

Funny words or phrases: When she wants me to get out of bed she points to my glasses and says "glasses, glasses", please, thanks, baby, she loves to pretend baby is sad and so she is always saying "wa, wa, wa" in this cute high voice, "nack" for snack, "bampa" for grandpa, she loves our neighbor girl Londyn and always says "lonin" when she wants to play.

Emmi tags... Olivia (Lindsey), Payton (Kim), Davis (Katie), Ellie (Kristen)... and anyone else who wants to do this.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Emmi's Hair

Everyone keeps asking how long Emmi's hair is. She has cute little curls so you can't tell how long it really is. So I thought I would straighten it and take a few pictures. And of course some pictures of her in the bath with it wet. He hair grows super fast and it is SO cute. I love it when it was straightened but I LOVE her little curls.

I don't have an actual straightener so I used my
curling iron. There is still a little curl at the bottom
but you can get the idea of her hair length.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

More Halloween

I couldn't resist putting on more Halloween pictures.

I thought I would be creative and make mini pizzas that
looked like spiderwebs with spiders on them. I got
the idea from my friend Bryn. They were yummy.
Olivia the Ladybug, Sarah the horse, and Emmi the Butterfly.

Kate, Emmi and Lars at the egg hunt.
Emmi and Lars in front of the pumpkins


Here in Hershey they have more fun things to do and more Halloween celebrations than they do for Christmas. They have Hershey Park in the Dark, a parade, trick-or-treating at Chocolate World, a Halloween egg hunt and trick-or-treating. It was so fun for us becasue Emmi was old enought that she understood that when she dressed up in her comstume she got candy. It was so fun. So on Thursday we went to the outlets and did the Halloween egg hunt. It was so fun. They had a section blocked off with Emmi's age group and there was SO much candy all over the place. Emmi loved picking up as much as she could and put it into her bucket. They also gave us boxes and she filled that up with candy too. We had SO much candy but when we were leaving there was still a ton of it on the ground. They had so much that you could pick it all up. Then that night we went around our neighborhood and went trick-or-treating. In Hershey they always do it on the Thursday before Halloween for safety reasons. She loved the idea of knocking on peoples doors and getting candy. She had so much fun. I couldn't figure out how to put all the pictures on without erasing some of them. So we had some really cute ones but I picked some of the cutest. They are a little out of order too, sorry.

Our Haul!! There were two buckets and a box full.
Emmi the "Butterfly"

Emmi and Lars. Emmi is a Butterfly and Lars is
Mickey Mouse.

At the egg hunt.

The cutest trick-or-treaters ever!!

Carving Pumpkins

For FHE we carved our pumkins that we picked from the pumkin patch and Emmi loved it. She was so excited to bring in the pumpkins and she loved sitting on the table. I think she liked sitting in the table and playing with the newspapers more than she did about carving the pumpkins. Clint and I aren't very creatvie but at least we did it right?!? So here are a couple of pictures that we took of the festivities.

Don't you love this pose?

This is what Emmi did the whole time. She just walked around the
table and threw the newspapers on the ground.

Daddy and Ems

Friday, October 31, 2008

Unsupervised Children

So this morning I was getting ready at went into my room to check my email/blogs and I ended up on the computer for a while. After 10 min. or so I realized that the kiddos hadn't come into the room or even made a peep. So I went to go check on them and I realized I had left the bathroom door open. I am usually so good about closing it because they love to get into the cupboard and pull everything out. Well this is what happens when children have freedom and no supervision....

Emmi drew a cute picture with my eyeliner.
I think there are about 150 little rubberbands all over the floor.

More pictures with eyeliner


Emmi thought she would try to put eyeliner on.
At least she knows the area you put it on.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So fall has come to Hershey and I love it. Fall its my favorite time of the year. I love the colors of the trees out here and I love the color of the sky. It is this amazing blue. I also love the temperature. It is perfect. Just cold enough to have on a small jacket but warm enough to go outside. I love the smell. Clint would say it is the smell of college football and I would have to agree. I love the crispness of the air and how you can come inside on a cool day and put on snuggly clothes and drink some hot chocolate. I love having spice candles lit all the time in my house or the cinnimon mixture on the burner. I love that there is no humidity. I think that is my favorite part. You can come outside and not have your clothes instantly stick to you. I don't know why I am going on about fall. Maybe it is because it is raining and cold here. For those of you who watched the World Series...that is exactly what it is doing. I think fall is leaving soon and I am a little depressed because that means winter and cold cold cold is coming. Anyways, I got some cute fall pictures of Emmi the other day from our backyard in all the leaves and thought I would post them. Hope you enjoy my beautiful girl!!

Emmi LOVES putting her hands in her pockets.
She gets mad when she can't find them or her
pants don't have them.
Emmi doesn't smile a lot in pictures so when she
does it is SO cute!!

Alexis, Emmi and Lars

Monday, October 27, 2008

Grammy's Visit

My mom came a couple weeks ago and it was the best thing ever!!! It was so fun to have my mom here and for Emmi to see her Grandma. We loved every minute of it. We had a really busy week but fun none the less.

(Almost) DAY 1: Grammy arrives in Philly. I went to pick her up in Philly which is 1 1/2 hours away, got stuck in traffic and was about an hour late picking her up, so by the time we got home it was 12:30 am. So hence the name of the day.

DAY 1: We woke up and Emmi was excited to see who was sleeping in the family room. I was worried that she was going to be shy around my mom but she wasn't. She never once cried or got scared when my mom held her. I could even leave to room which is a total shock since she cries when I leave the room and she is alone with Clint. She is just attached to my hip. Anyways we went to Chocolate World (a must when we have visitors) and then went to Panera. YUMMY!! Went home started working on my Christmas stockings and relaxed the rest of the night.

Day 2: Went and bought some fabric for some cute aprons that I made for me and Emmi. (To be posted later). Went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse YUMMY!! and relaxed and worked on stockings.

Day3: SHOPPING ALL DAY...need I say more.

Day4: Church

Day 5: Went to the pumpkin patch, went out to eat and then mom and I went to a movie. Nights in Rodanth, bought some treats and pigged out the rest of the night.

Day 6: This was mom's last day so we decided that we were going to leave early, drive to Philly and go shopping at IKEA and then go out to eat and then go to the airport. Well when we were packing the car we shut the back door and the door wouldn't latch. So I drove to the nearest Ford dealership where they told me it had to be replaced and that they didn't have the part. So we drove to Lebanon and sat at the dealership while they fixed my car. I was so worried that it was going to take long and then mom was going to miss her flight and chaos was going to follow. I swear every time we drive visitors to the Philly airport our car breaks. Literally. Our old car's engine blew up last time we drove Clint's family to the airport. We had to buy a new car. So note to any other visitors. If you fly and have us come pick you up we better pick you up from Baltimore. Anyways..the car was fixed and we made it in enough time to still go to IKEA.

It was so fun to have my mom here and I am so excited to go to Utah for Christmas and see everyone!! Thanks Dad for sharing mom with me. Love you Momther!!!

Emmi in her new outfit. Grandma bought
this stroller for her. Best purchase EVER!!
Grammy and Emmi

Say "Cheese"

Little mommy Emmi


Pumpkin Patch

I know I'm the BIGGEST slacker when it comes to updating my blog. I'm going to try to get all the Halloween festivities posted but I'm not making any promises. A lot of things have happened since the last time I updated the blog. Emmi started walking!! Hooray!! She had a little bit of a late start but better late than never right!?! She also started talking. She can say about 15-20 words. It is so fun to hear her try to communicate with the few words that she knows. She also does a little sign language so that also helps. Clint is busy in his third year rotations and is doing his pediatric rotation at the hospital. I do nothing but watch Emmi and Lars all day. So that's about it. A couple weeks ago when my mom was here we went out to a farmers market a few miles away where they have a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, and a hay ride. Emmi loved it. She loved sitting in the wagon behind the tractor. She also LOVED the pumpkin patch. We got to pick out our own pumpkins and she picked out one that is just her size. It is sitting outside our door so every time that we go in or out of the house she has to pick up the pumpkina and carry it with her wherever we go. We haven't got around to carving them yet but hopefully we will do that tonight for FHE.

Walking through the corn maze.
The hayride

Picking our pumpkins

Apparently Emmi is little. I didn't realize this
until we put her up to this pumpkin. It is just
a regualr pumpkin. My poor girl is destined
to be short.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Visit From Jeff

Last week Jeff was in Virginia getting some training done for his new job and he was nice enough to rent a car and come visit us for a couple of days. It was so nice to have him here and we were so excited to have some visitors. (Especially from my family...hint...hint :)) He got here Friday night and he was a good sport and went to a birthday party with us for a little boy in our ward. Then on Saturday we drove down to Baltimore and went to an Orioles game. We were lucky enough to be part of the first 20,000 fans to enter the ballpark because we got this SWEET DVD made by some of the Orioles players. (I am being extremely sarcastic. It was SO SO SO dumb.) O-R-I-O-L-E-S!! We also went to Chocolate World and got to see how chocolate is made. So anyways we were so glad we got to see Jeff and spend some time with him. Love Ya Jeff!!

Emmi in a Reese's Chocolate Dome.

The Orioles and Tigers
Uncle Jeffy and Emmi
(I'm not sure what she is doing with her face.)
Daddy and Emmi Take me out to the ball game!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Emmi's Little Quirks

Emmi does some really funny things. She has such a funny personality. It is SO cute to watch her everyday and watch for the funny things she does. She loves to put hings over her head whether it be necklaces, headbands, or towels. The other day she put a towel over her head, started to crawl and crawled right into the wall. She loves to take off her clothes. Especially if it is a stretchy shirt. She usually wakes up from her naps naked. She loves her sunglasses and wears them around the house. She loves to crawl into or under things. She is such a funny girl so I have some cute pictures of Emmi's quirks.

Emmi's necklaces (in a knot). She wore it
like that for about 20 min.
Emmi in the dryer.
She took off her shirt and tried to take off
her skirt and this is what I found.

She wouldn't let us take off her sunglasses for the bath.
Mommy's headband over her eyes.

She will crawl like this all day if I would let her.