Thursday, January 14, 2010

Residency Match

I can't believe that we have been here in Hershey for almost four years now. It has been such a fun and awesome place to live. We are now just finding out what kind of a doctor Clint wants to be and where we are going to go for residency. Clint decided in August that he was really interested in Ophthalmology...eyes...and we have been interviewing these past few months all around the country (and when I say "we" I mean Clint), and he has liked everywhere he interviewed. After lots of discussions and prayers we decided on our top picks. They are:

1. University of Texas-San Antonio
2. University of Utah
3. University of Nebraska
4. University of Kentucky
5. Wake Forest

This morning was our "match" day and we found out that we are going to....San Antonio Texas!!!! we got into our number 1 choice. We are so excited and can't wait to move and get started out there in Texas. The only thing that stinks in that we have to wait until March to find out if we will be going there for our intern year or if we will be staying here in Hershey for one more year. Hopefully we get accepted to Texas for our intern year and get to move in May but we will just have to wait. But we are so excited and we know that Texas is where we are supposed to be and that we will have a ton of fun there. I am going to have to start working on my Texan accent and start learning Spanish!!! :)