Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Update

We have been having a good time here in Texas. We have had a lot of fun moments and a couple of bad moments. We will start with the bad and get it out of the way. Clint started work this month and it has been the LONGEST month of our lives. It really has been pure hell. He is gone ALL the time. He leaves at 5:30 in the morning and doesn't get home until 6-7:00 at night. Then he is on call every fifth night. So the nights that he is on call he doesn't get home until 10-11:00 at night. Then it starts all over again. The poor kids don't get to see him for 48 hours when he is on call. It has been hard on EVERYONE. He has only had 4 days off this month and it has been so hard adjusting to this life and going to everything by myself. I'm sure there are people in our ward who think that I don't have a husband....or at least not an active one. The good news is that he only has one more week of this rotation and then it will get least I am crossing my fingers that it will because this has been SO hard.

The next piece of bad news is Texas itself. Whoever thought living in a place that is hot, humid and that has GINORMOUS bugs, rattlesnakes, FLYING cockroaches, and scorpions was crazy. I have been going crazy with the amount of buggy awesomeness in this place. I also had a run-in with a scorpion the other day. I was cleaning the bathroom and I had just put cleaner in the bathtub and here come a scorpion out of the drain. I screamed SO loud and freaked out a little. Of course I was alone and had to catch AND kill it all by myself. I told Emmi that if it got out of the pitcher that I caught it in it would kill her and suck out her blood....needless to say I may have been a LITTLE dramatic. But the rest of the week I couldn't stop thinking about this scorpion and all of his little friends that are going to invade my house. I am a little paranoid now.

There have been some great things about being here. We have found some GREAT friends. We have been to BBQ's, Dessert nights, parades, swimming playgroups, and of course BACHELORETTE NIGHT!!!! It has been really nice to have people that we can hang out with and for me especially to find a great group of friends that I love being with. We also bought a new car...a MINI VAN for me so now I can get around and not be trapped in my scorpion invested house!!! It has made a world of difference. Emmi has a good group of little girls that are her age and she is starting to get some fun friends. Easton is getting so big and is CRAWLING everywhere. It is so fun to see him crawl and explore. He loves to open every cupboard and is starting to climb up the stairs. He has had a few accidents and a few head bonks but still loves to do it.

We are actually heading to Utah next week for my brother's wedding and we are so excited to see family..(when I say we I mean me and the kids). Emmi is so excited to go on the airplane and to go to "Livila's" house...Livy.

At the Parade on the 4th of July

Our new van...I LOVE IT!!!!

Chick-fil-a day...dress like a cow and get free food!

Emmi in her element...NAKED!!!!
(It was raining and we couldn't find her...
than we looked outside and found this. :)

Just swimming

The scorpion that ALMOST killed us and sucked out our blood.