Monday, April 14, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

So Emmi is so funny when she sleeps. She loves to turn herself completely horizontal so her head is hitting the bumper pad and her feet are resting up against the back of the crib. I went in the other day because I thought she was awake and this is how I found her. She had pulled the bumper pad off and wrapped herself in it. I thought it was so funny and was able to get some funny pictures. I still don't understand how little kids can sleep in the positions that they put themselves in. Oh and yes...Emmi's crib is still in the highest setting. She hasn't figured out that she can sit up yet, so hopefully she won't find out until we move her crib lower!!

Friday, April 04, 2008


General Conference is coming up and I am so excited to listen to our new prophet, but it always makes me home sick. Especially when they show Temple Square in between sessions. I am so thankful that we are in Hershey and that we have the greatest ward and tons of close friends, but I miss my families. Being far away makes you appreciate family so much. It has been hard to miss a lot of fun things and to see everyone play sports, go to dances, learn to drive, and have family dinner every week together. It has been hard to not be there for Helen and the rough year she has been having. It is really hard to have everyone miss Emmi growing up. But with all that said, Clint and I are so grateful to be living here in PA, going to school and having the experiences that we are having. We are so thankful for our ward out here. They have become our "family" away from home. I'm so glad that we have such a close relationship with each of our siblings and their families. It makes it that much more exciting to come home. Anyways...enough babbling. I just was thinking about my family and wanted them to know that I love and miss everyone. Oh and Clint and I were counting. If you count my family we have 21 people and in Clint's he has 22 people(both of those are not counting us). So a combined total of our families is 43 people. If you count us there are 46. AMAZING!!! Emmi has 4 grandparents, 13 Uncles (5 of which are not married), 8 Aunts, and 18 cousins with more that will come. What a family for her!!! (And if I can say, both families are BEAUTIFUL.) The Bullock bunch
The Duncan Clan