Thursday, July 23, 2009

Emmi Update

Here is a little update on Emmi. She has been growing up so fast and doing such funny things I thought that maybe I should post some of them. We just got her a new toddler bed to sleep in and she has been doing GREAT. She has no idea that she can get out. When she wakes up she just calls out to me or Clint until we come and get her. It is so nice. And every morning when she wakes up she points to the crib and says "Eaton" (we told her that is baby Easton's new bed) and then she points to her bed and says "Emmi".

She loves to talk to Easton. She will get really close to my tummy and say "Hi Babya" and then give it kisses. It is so cute. She also goes to every Dr. appointment with me and she loves hearing Easton's heartbeat. She just got a DR. kit to play with and loves listening to everyone's heartbeat.

She still isn't very good at talking yet. We have an appointment in Oct. with the speech therapist so hopefully that will help her out. She can say all of her words and she repeats everything you say, but she won't put the words together in a sentence. She has also mastered her colors and we are working on counting and the alphabet. She is really good at both of them and is starting to recognize some letters.

When we have been doing Family Night we have been talking about things that we can do that make Jesus happy because she is in the stage right now where everything is "No" or if I don't look at you while you are talking I can't hear you. So I put her on time out the other day and when I got her off I asked if Jesus was sad. So now everytime I ask her to be happy or to help she asks "Jesus?" meaning is this making Jesus happy? It is really cute. She also loves to pray. She uses her sweet, quiet voice and loves to pray with her animals.

She also loves outside, riding her new bike, her sunglasses, putting on my makeup, coloring, reading books, singing, pretending bunny is a baby and she wraps it up in a blanket and rocks it to sleep, loves putting on her backpack and going to work like dad, being thrown up in the sky by Clint, nursery, playing with her friends Livy and Kate, doing puzzles, and her newest thing is chewing gum.

We love our sweet little Emmi and think that she is the cutest thing ever. We wish we lived closer to everyone so they could see how cute she is. But I guess I will just have to be better at blogging so you can be updated.

Wrestling with Daddy
Talking on the phone before going to

This is my FAVORITE picture. Her happy face.
At the temple for a wedding.

Fourth of July with Daddy's hat on.

Grandma's Visit

This past week my mom came and visited us. It was SO much fun. I always love when she comes out because A: it is so much fun to have visitors, B: I miss my momma, C: she spoils us like CRAZY!!!, and D: Emmi had so much fun with Grandma.

So while she was here we went to Gettysburg, we went to Baltimore and to the Inner Harbor which also included the National Aquarium, paddle boat rides, the Cheesecake Factory, and the Lexington Market. We also went out to eat a lot...Panera...yummy, and we went shopping for baby "Slam". It was so much fun having her here and I miss her already. But I guess I get to look forward to the next time she comes. Little baby Easton will be just a few days old and get this.....My Dad will be coming too!!!! Yahoo! And any other visitors that want to come are more than welcome.

At the ESPN Zone in Baltimore
Paddle boating in the Chesapeake Bay

The Dolphin Show at the Aquarium.
(If you look close there is a dolphin right in front of Clint and Emmi)
You can't really tell but we are in a giant shark mouth.
Grandma and Emmi at Gettysburg.