Tuesday, October 10, 2006

October 2006

Hey everybody!! Greetings from Hershey. We decided that we need to be able to share pictures and updates with everybody so we are starting a blog. Well we have been here for about 2 1/2 months and we are really enjoying it. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, especially in the fall. Right behind the medical center there is a forest of trees and they are just turning red. Fall has been my favorite so far because there is no humidity..Yeah!!
Clint has been in school since the beginning of August and is really doing well. He is one of the top guys in his class and his teachers love him because he is such a hard worker. (I can say that because I have talked to one of them). He is studing anatomy and embryology right now and in November he is starting Histology and something else that has a medical name that I have forgotten. I am working at the college as a library assistant. It is a perfect job if you like sitting and surfing the web, because pretty much that is all I do. It really is a nice job though, especially being pregnant. I can work until I have the baby and then probably a couple of nights per week after she comes. Plus I like it because I get to see Clint more often. That is always a bonus.
Well we just had the second ultrasound of the baby and everything is looking great. From what we saw yesterday everything is growing normally and the baby is healthy. If some of you don't know yet we are going to have a little girl. We are so excited. That is what we wanted and if you ask Clint he knew it all along. (He actually called it the first time we heard the heartbeat.) But we are glad that we have finally broken the boy spell in both families. The last 7 babies born from both of our families have been boys so we are excited to finally get another girl. Yeah, another girl cousin for Bailee! We already know she is going to be the weak spot for Clint. She is going to make him melt. He is so excited. But anyways. I better get back to work but here are a couple pictures of me at 3 months Prego and there are some ultrasounds. The first one is at our 9 week appointment (they were checking to see if there we two), and the other is from a couple weeks ago, so 19 weeks. It is the baby's head face down with her back. Hope everyone is doing great. We'll write again soon