Friday, June 04, 2010

San Antonio!!

This blog may not be very long. Easton is having a hard day and I may need to hold him soon. I wanted to update everyone on what has been happening. We left the sweetest place on earth (Hershey) on Sat. May 22 and started driving on our cross country...literally...tour. We drove about 1300 miles and went through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. I think I gat all of them in there. Thanks to Clint, my dad, and Clint's brother Brady we were able to get to San Antonio in 3 days. The kids were SO good except for Sunday. They were both really sick and so that day was a rough one, but they survived and we made it. We arrived Tuesday morning and went and checked out our new heard me right I said NEW HOUSE!!! We are proud new home owners. We haven't said anything because we were so afraid to jinx anything, but we signed the papers on Wednesday and moved in that night. It is SO wonderful. We have so much sapce and so much room to grow. It is 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bath. It has a loft and a familyroom, living room and a study. It also has a HUGE backyard that has two garden areas, a shed and a BBQ area. It is so nice. It is fenced in and so I can send Emmi outside and let her play out there without worrying where she is. Clint is having a blast mowing, weeding and watering the lawn. He loves having a yard to take care of. We are finally unlaoding the last of the boxes thanks to mostly my mom. She fly out here for a few days to help us get situated. She was SO much help and I can't tell you how awesome it is to have such a great family (both sides) that we can count on all the time. Anyways, we are here and we are really enjoying it. We have about 10 LDS couples in our neighnborhood so that will be so nice. We have already been to dinner with a few of them and had others come over with cookies to welcome us. It has been so nice and has made the transition a little easier. For these next few weeks we will be in Utah seeing our family before Clint has to come back and start work so this will be my last post for the next couple of weeks. (Not that I am really that important the people are even looking at this blog.) We really miss our really..that we left behind and that moved around the country. We love you guys, think about you everyday and miss you!!!

Our visit to the Alamo and the Riverwalk... I look really cubby so don't look too close :)

East just chillin'. I LOVE his blonde hair

Our new friend let Emmi borrow her Snow White outfit.
Emmi LOVES it!!

Our new backyard. It goes out both directions and is SO big!

Our new house. It is so cute and we absolutely LOVE it!!