Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Here is our September update...


Emmi started preschool and LOVES it. She goes

everyday for half a day. It has been nice for her AND me!

She also started dance and loves that too.

She loves to color and draw and I find

pictures EVERYWHERE.

Yes...she STILL lives in a perpetual disney world and

STILL loves to dress-up. I have had

to take away the dress-ups so she will wear

normal clothes. She only gets them for quiet time.

She LOVES to sing and is usually belting out

a song at the top of her lungs most of

the day.

She also loves to help me out with Grady.


Easton is definitely 2.

He is TOTAL boy and loves to do anything boyish.

And he is a little/lot naughty...but I can

laugh about it when he is in bed!

He CLIMBS on everything,

DUMPS out everything,

HITS everything,
and THROWS everything.

He has also decided that he loves being

NAKED. So he takes off his clothes ALL

the time. We have had to resort to

taping his diapers shut so I don't have to

clean up all the time.

He has started to go to the bathroom on the

toilet, but I just don't have to energy to

potty train him right now.

He also just figured out how to climb out of

his crib. So to the big boy bed he goes!!

His birthday is next week and can't believe

he isn't our youngest anymore!


He is such a sweetheart! We love him

MORE and MORE each day. He is a fussier baby

than my other ones and LOVES to be held, so I have him strapped to me

MOST of the day. He is growing so big and

looks JUST like Clint. I guess the Duncan gene

is the more dominant one!

He is 6 weeks old and I fits right into

the family.

We SURE love him!


Who is that??? Need I say more :)


I am surviving having 3 kids and sure

have my hands FULL. But I am super

blessed to be able to stay at home.

I just cut my hair cause I needed a change

and that is about the most exciting thing

that has happened to me.

Enjoy the pictures!!