Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley

Our sweet wonderful prophet Gordon B. Hinckley passed away yesterday. I was so sad when I heard the news. I feel like we are missing a lot of things living here in PA. It wasn't on any news stations and I got really upset. I wish everyone knew of President Hinckley and about the wonderful man that he was. I felt like he was my Grandpa. I loved hearing him speak and I always giggled when he cracked his voice. I thought it was so cute. He is the only prophet I remember and I can't picture him gone. He was so genuine and sincere in everything he did. You can't help but smile when you think of him. I just want everyone to know that I have a testimony of him. I KNOW that he was and is a prophet of God. That everyhting that came out of his mouth was inspired by Heavenly Father to help us grow. He did so many things for our church and aided so much in its growth. He will be so missed and will always hold a special place in my heart. I love you President Hinckley. You will be so missed.

Pictures!!! (finally)

Here is our sweet Emmi. She was DREAM to take
on vacation. She loved the sun, water and sand.

This is at the clubhouse at sunset. We were waiting
for food that some members where going to bring
to us. YUMMY!!!

Emmi was jealous of her uncle's and daddy always leaving
her to go on the boogie boards so she decided to try it.
She LOVED it. Don't worry we just went in the little pools.

She hated her sunglasses at first but by the end
she loved them. Little diva. And Uncle Roger called
this her "full skank mode" outfit.

Mommy and Emmi out for a sunday stroll.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year

So it has been SO long since I have posted a blog. We have been out of town for most of December and got home about a week ago. I have Finally gotten back into the swing of things and feel like I can start blogging again. But much to my dismay, when I got home and went to take the camera out of my bag I realized I had the camera case but no camera. I had taken one last picture of Becca and Emmi right before we left and then left the camera on the piano at Clint's parents house. So this blog will not be full of fun pictures of our awesome Christmas like I had planned, but will be of me rambling and updating all on our Christmas festivities.
So Emmi and I left for Utah on Dec. 8th just in time to be at my brother's farewell. Let me first tell you how hard it is to fly with an infant without a husband for 9 hours. We had little problems on our flight from Philly to Denver (besides the fact the we arrived at the airport 3 hours early. Clint and I always have to be early....just in case.) Then after we arrived in Denver it was snowing so instead of a 30 min. layover we had a 2 hour delay. We switched gates and planes about 5 times before we finally got on the plane. Then the plane finally leaves the gate and we start heading for the runway. We had been on the runway for about 10 min. and I think to myself...."man, this is a really long runway. We could have been in Utah by now." Then I look out the window and see that we are pulling up to the gate again. The pilot gets on and announces that they had forgotten to load the bags and we had to come back so they could get every one's luggage in the plane. I was about to die. Poor Emmi had passed out in my arms from sheer exhaustion. ( It was 11:00 Mountain time but 1:00 Eastern Time.) We finally arrived in Utah and everything was great after that.
My brother Greg had his farewell the next day and did a great job. He is going to be an awesome missionary. He is going to the Argentina, Rosario mission. He is so excited. Anyways...Poor little Emmi had to get used to being with 44 new people. (That is the amount of people in mine and Clint's family ALONE. Immediate Family ONLY. Can you believe it?) She cried with every noise that they made. My mom coughed she cried, my brother burped she cried, my dad looked at her she cried. She has never been that snuggly of a baby but she would snuggle up to me when anyone came close to her. I loved it. By the end of our trip she was really good and loved everyone.
We ended up going to Mexico with my family for Christmas. It was a ton of fun and so relaxing to go to the beach everyday and just lay out. I do have to say that Emmi is the best baby. It was so easy she never cried the whole drive down there and she loved the beach. She would sit on her towel under the umbrella and just play. She "snuck" into the sand a couple times and got sand in every crack and crevasse that she has from head to foot. (And there are a lot of them). She liked to eat it too, so we had to watch her closer after that. She loved the water and the sun. She is definitely going to be our summer child who loves being outdoors. And of course she has Clint's golden skin so despite the fact of being lathered in SPF 50 and in the shade the whole time she got more tan than I did. Why I 'otta!! We had so much fun with my family and loved spending a little more time with Greg before his mission. I was so glad I got to see the speedo one last time! :( (And hopefully the last! My retinas will be forever burned with the images I saw of the speedo.)
After our Grand Mexican adventure we went to Clint's parents house for New Years. It was so fun to spend a little time with Clint's family. It is hard living so far away and then wanting to spend even amounts of time with both families when we are home. It is so hard to do but both families are very understanding. We made it back just in time for Tyler's baptism. It was so fun to surprise everyone (we were supposed to still be in Mexico.) We went to movies, played games, and went out to eat!!!! We had so much fun but I found out I can't play games with Clint OR Brady. :):) (Those of you who witnessed my embarrassing meltdown I apologize.) We had our fun annual New Years Breakfast at the Jones'. I love that tradition and will always do it. We also got to go to Ellie's baby blessing, Davis' baby blessing, and I got to go to the MTC and see Elder Bullock off on his mission.
What a great start to the New years that we have had. We are so blessed to have such a great family and support system. I am so homesick and want to be back in Utah so bad, but we are excited for another fun filled year here in Hershey!! Sorry about my SO long blog and hopefully when I get my camera back I will post some fun pictures.