Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Emmi update

We have a few pictures that are really funny of Emmi that I thought were blog worthy. She has REALLY been into the Little Mermaid and loves to watch it all day long. Well the other day Clint and I came into the kitchen and we found her combing her hair with a fork. We thought it was so funny and now I catch her doing it all the time. We were also able to go to Princesses on Ice the other day. It was really fun but Emmi didn't change her expression the whole time. She was mesmerized and never looked away. every once and a while she would look at me and tell me which Princess was out on the ice at the time. It was a fun Mom/daughter date. Some of the other pictures are of bunny and Ariel on time-out and Easton after Clint fell asleep watching the kids and Emmi found a pen. It was pretty funny but something always seems to get colored on when Clint watches the kids.

Combing her hair with a "dinglehopper"

Her face the WHOLE time at Princesses on Ice

I love Easton's face in this picture

Bunny and Ariel on time-out

Monday, April 05, 2010

Hoppy Easter!!!

We had so much fun for Easter. My dad and brother Alex were in Washington DC for a lacrosse tournament so we went down there to visit them. Emmi and Easton LOVED getting spoiled by both of them and loved staying in Grandpa's hotel. We got to go to the zoo and see all the sights in DC. The Easter bunny also came and left Emmi a little basket. She was so excited to open the eggs and find chocolate. Needless to say that is ALL she ate the rest of the day. She also had fun swimming in Alex's pool at his hotel. It was such a fun weekend and we were sad to leave family...AGAIN. But we will see them soon when they come out to help us move to TEXAS!!