Friday, October 26, 2007


I love this picture of her sticking out
her tongue. It is her new thing.

So in Hershey they do things a little different when it comes to Halloween. They always do it the Thursday before Halloween. So yesterday was Trick or treating and we were going to go but I still wasn't feeling well (I was still stoned :)) so we just dressed her up and took some pictures. So she was our sweet little bunny rabbit. She looks SO cute. Thanks Heather for the costume!!!Happy Halloween!!!

She looks so bored in this picture.

Isn't she sweet???

Here is the backside. We like the fluffy tail.

She is reaching for the camera but it makes it
nice so you can see her face up close. She is too
cute if I can say so myself.

I'm Stoned

So, finally something happened to me that was blog worthy. Wednesday I was coming home from pack meeting at the church (I am a Den Leader!!) and as I was driving home my back started hurting. Our church is about 20 min. away and I was dropping of a couple boys and then I dropped off another leader so it took me a while to get home. By the time I got to our apartment I was in so much pain. It started out feeling like I pulled a muscle in my back to where it felt like something inside of me had exploded. Good thing Clint was out in the parking lot when I got home because he had to carry Emmi upstairs because I was in so much pain. We started walking towards the door and I started throwing up. I was throwing up forever and finally I had it under enough control to walk inside, but as soon as I got inside I started throwing up again and screaming that I hurt SO bad. I was almost in hysterics and Emmi was crying because I was scaring her. Clint gave me a blessing and then we went to the ED. (Clint will be mad at me if I call it the ER. It is the Emergency Department, not Emergency Room.) Anyways, we get there and I run to the bathroom throwing up and Clint checked us in. We got in the room and they hooked me up to an IV and took some blood. They came in and told me it sounded like a Kidney Stone but they wanted to get a CT Scan just to make sure. Sure enough I had a little kidney stone traveling down my tubes. So they loaded me up on pain meds and sent me home. That night was a nightmare and I was up all night throwing up and didn't get to sleep until 5:30. So anyways...I am felling a lot better and I don't think I have passed the stone yet because they have me peeing into a strainer to catch it and all I have gotten is the piece that you see in the pictures. Clint and I think it is just a piece of it because at the hospital they told me that it was about 4 mm. And the piece that I have is NOT 4 mm. Hopefully there is more inside of me because if I was in that much pain over that little of a thing than I am a HUGE wuss. Anyways, that was kind of a funny little story...and PS having a kidney stone hurts worse that having a baby. I swear, but then again I had a epidural so.... :)

My Kidney Stone. Yes it is that tiny little speck
of a thing on the paper.

Yes I know that it is only as big as the tip of
that pen but it hurt SOOOOO bad. Like I said,
I hope there is more coming out because I feel
like a wuss crying over that little thing.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

BORING!! cont...

Emmi and mommy at the duck pond.

Emmi didn't like the ducks. Especially the Geese
they scared her when they quacked.

Right before church. I love this little outfit.

So cute sweetheart!!

She hardly ever smiles in pictures so we were
excited when we got this one. Isn't her smile so


I'm boring. Nothing new in life. I have been getting hounded by people to update the blog and today I finally have had time because the kids have been asleep for almost 2 hours!!!!!!YEAH!!!Go naps!!

Right before bed. She loves to play with Clint's
watches. And we love her "Love Bug" p.j.s

I went into check on her during nap. I found her
like this. This is usually how I find her but I was
able to get a picture this time. A couple days ago
we went in to see her and she was sucking on the
bunny's ear fast asleep. It was SO cute!

She likes to hang out upside down while she eats.

This picture is totally her personality.
Just hanging out mellow and observing.

We went to the duck pond by our house and took
some pictures. She wasn't too happy and hated
the grass. But they were cute. A little dark in her
face but so cute.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cute Little Emmi

So again, like all my other blog postings, nothing has really happened this week. I have been busy taking care of the babies and Clint is busy in school. That is pretty much our lives. I guess I really don't have anything exciting to say except that Emmi is darling. Here are some pictures for everyone to enjoy. Oh...and we want to tell Greg that we are so proud of him. The people in Rosario, Argentina are going to be so blessed to hear the gospel from you. You are going to be a great missionary. We love you!!

Emmi is finally eating real foods now. She loves to
get messy and spread the food all over. Clint hates
it and it drives him nuts when she is dirty (I guess
he has a little OCD) and so I took this picture to make
him mad... And because this is totally Emmi in this

I had to make some homemade wheat bread
for a church acitvity so Emmi and I put on our
matching aprons that Megan made us. We had
fun being twinners, and the bread turned
out pretty good as well. I am the next
Martha Stewart.

We were waiting for the bath tub to fill up and
Clint thought it would be funny to put her on
the towel rack. I love this picture with all of
her fat rolls everywhere. And that she looks
like she is going to fall asleep at any moment.

Here is the far away shot. She is our little

I think I already said how much she likes to
have her binki facing to opposite way, but I
finally got a picture to show everyone how
cute it is. She did that all by herself!!