Friday, June 03, 2011


The other day I was laying on my back and Emmi was feeling the baby kicking and we had one of the funniest conversations I have ever went like this:

E: Mom...(very serious, sweet and innocent) is the baby in your tummy going to be brown or white?
M: (laughing) I'm pretty sure the baby is white.
E: Why?
M: (still laughing and wishing Clint was hearing this) Because mommy and daddy are both white.
E: Ohhh, me and Easty are white too!!
M: Yes you are.
E: Why?
M: Because me and daddy are white.
E: okay!! (very my relief)

It was so funny because she has never once mentioned anyone being a different color. I didn't even know that she had even noticed. But I guess maybe I should have because San Antonio is about 50% Latins and she has a few friends that are "brown". SOOOO funny and sweet.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Emmi and Easton went to the

dentist for the first time

a couple days ago.

I am proud to say they

are cavity FREE and

that they both did a great job!!

I was really cute to see them

with their sunglasses on and

holding the spit sucker.

I happened to have my

camera so I documented it...

I think that is the first thing

I have documented!!

I have also included pictures
of them doing their FAVORITE


Emmi's is building towers and

dressing up.

Easton's is playing with his cars.

He could do it all day

and he LOVES his Lightning McQueen

car and even takes it to

bed with him...


I promise he was good...he just wanted Emmi's

jump rope that she just got.

He never cried when the dentist was there.