Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Grady Ryan Duncan

August 12,2011

5 lbs. 11 oz.

18 inches long

7:15 pm

He is here!! I can't believe my little man came 1 1/2 weeks early. It was definitely a surprise and very unexpected, but we are so glad he made it. For those of you who don't want to hear the story browse down to see the pictures. All others here is his story.

On Friday I went to the Doctor for my usual 38 week check up. when I got there the doctor measured me and was a little concerned because I had stopped growing. Then he listened to the heartbeat and got really concerned because it was really low. So he sent me to get a non-stress test done. While I was hooked up to the machine I had a couple of contractions and during those contractions the baby's heartbeat dropped dramatically. Dr. Parker got really worried so he sent me over to the hospital to get more extensive tests done. During all this I had contacted Clint to let him know what was going on and also let my babysitter know it was going to be a little bit longer. Clint met me at the office and took me over to the hospital.

After getting admitted and hooked up there they noticed the same thing my doctor did. That everytime I had a contraction his heart rate dropped. So they told me that they were going to keep me and induce me. I was super shocked because Clint was working and was supposed to be on-call ALL weekend, and the kids were with my sweet neighbor with only ONE diaper and no food, and my mom wasn't coming for another week. So I let Clint know (he had been seeing patients at the hospital and had been checking on me in between each one). Then I let my babysitter know and called my mom in a panic.

Everything happened really quick after that. They wheeled me into the room and started the pitocin. They were watching his heart rate like hawks and it kept dropping. So they stopped the pitocin for an hour and then started it again. After 5 mins back on the pit the baby's hearbeat had dropped twice so they brought in the attending who told me that there was no way the baby would tolerate a regular delivery so I had to get a c-section. By that point I was in tears because I didn't want to have a c-section, but it was his health at risk so of course! Clint had finished work and my mom had been able to switch her ticket to the next day so that put me at ease a little bit.

They took me to the OR at 7:00 that night and Grady was born at 7:15. I was so glad to hear that cry. He is SO beautiful. He had SO much hair and I couldn't believe how little he was. It had been such a stressful day, but as soon as they laid him on my chest and I got to kiss him, ALL my worries went away. I was so grateful to Heavenly Father that I had another beautiful, healthy baby. I was so happy that Clint was there by my side and that he was able to give me a few blessings through-out the day. Grady is such a blessing to our home and has been such an amazing baby. He sleeps a TON and eats every once and a while when he isn't sleeping. Emmi LOVES him and Easton isn't quite sure what to think yet. My recovery is definitely slower than my other births, but my mom has been Heaven sent. Thank you to all our family who sent love and prayers our way. They were definitely felt by us. We love everyone and hope you enjoy the pictures of our newest addition!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

~8 Years~

Clint and I were married 8 years

ago today. It is crazy to think it has been that

long. But while I was thinking, I was

able to come up with somethings

that have happened to us since we have been


~We have 2 kids with one coming in 2 weeks!

~have lived in 3 different states

~have lived in 6 different houses

~had 5 different cars

~driven through 26 different states

~attended 4 different colleges

~earned 1 undergrad

~somehow earned 1 medical degree...(it might not be legit :))

~survived one year of residency...3 more to go!

~been to 20 different temples together

~have had 8 years of pure bliss... well maybe 4

years of bliss and 4 years of so-so...kidding!!

~looking forward to 70 more years together

I know Clint hates it when we talk all

lovey-dovey online, but I do

want to say how blessed I am

to be married to him. I love him

more now than I did the day

we got married...and I

was MADLY in love with

him then. He is the best hubby and father

anyone could ever have.

I love you Clint.

Happy Anniversary!