Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Visit From Jeff

Last week Jeff was in Virginia getting some training done for his new job and he was nice enough to rent a car and come visit us for a couple of days. It was so nice to have him here and we were so excited to have some visitors. (Especially from my family...hint...hint :)) He got here Friday night and he was a good sport and went to a birthday party with us for a little boy in our ward. Then on Saturday we drove down to Baltimore and went to an Orioles game. We were lucky enough to be part of the first 20,000 fans to enter the ballpark because we got this SWEET DVD made by some of the Orioles players. (I am being extremely sarcastic. It was SO SO SO dumb.) O-R-I-O-L-E-S!! We also went to Chocolate World and got to see how chocolate is made. So anyways we were so glad we got to see Jeff and spend some time with him. Love Ya Jeff!!

Emmi in a Reese's Chocolate Dome.

The Orioles and Tigers
Uncle Jeffy and Emmi
(I'm not sure what she is doing with her face.)
Daddy and Emmi Take me out to the ball game!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Emmi's Little Quirks

Emmi does some really funny things. She has such a funny personality. It is SO cute to watch her everyday and watch for the funny things she does. She loves to put hings over her head whether it be necklaces, headbands, or towels. The other day she put a towel over her head, started to crawl and crawled right into the wall. She loves to take off her clothes. Especially if it is a stretchy shirt. She usually wakes up from her naps naked. She loves her sunglasses and wears them around the house. She loves to crawl into or under things. She is such a funny girl so I have some cute pictures of Emmi's quirks.

Emmi's necklaces (in a knot). She wore it
like that for about 20 min.
Emmi in the dryer.
She took off her shirt and tried to take off
her skirt and this is what I found.

She wouldn't let us take off her sunglasses for the bath.
Mommy's headband over her eyes.

She will crawl like this all day if I would let her.

Our Summer (so far)

Hurray!! I am FINALLY updating our blog. We have had many people (family) getting on our case to update so I got a quiet moment to do it. We have had one fun/crazy summer so far. In May Emmi and I went to Utah for the month to visit family while Clint stayed home to study for his boards. We had a blast but really missed Clint. Since we have been back we moved to a new apartment so now we are behind the Med center. We love our new place and especially our neighbors. A few people from our ward live in our same building so it has been really nice. We have also had a few mishaps with our new place which have been memorable. I have already locked myself out once and had to break in while the kids were eating lunch. Our oven also blew-up and so we couldn't cook anything for about a week. We just got all new appliances in our kitchen so I guess that is an okay trade off! Clint has started his 3rd year of Medical School and is doing his AHEC rotation in Pediatrics. He is enjoying it and it is nice that he is really close. Emmi is having a blast swimming and playing outside. She loves to crawl out our screen door and then crawls as fast as she can down the side walk. It is funny to see. She can really move!! We have ahd a couple visitors which we ALWAYS appreciate. Clint's parents had a conference in Washington DC so we went down there for a few days and stayed with them in there nice hotel. We went and saw the National Mall and went to the Zoo and of course went out to eat A LOT!! It was tons of fun. Last weekend my brother Jeff came up from Virginia where he is being trained for his new job. It was so nice to have him drive up here and stay with us for a couple of days. It was so fun. We ended up going to Baltimore and going to on Orioles game. It was BOILING hot but lots of fun. And last but definitely not least, Clint got his boards score back. I am SO proud of him and all of his hard work. We are so proud to have him and as a hubby and a dad. So here are some cute pictures of Emmi for everyone to see.

Emmi and Bunny eating some breakfast.
She wouldn't eat unless bunny was eating too!!
Emmi and Payton.

Emmi doing her FAVORITE thing,


Thanksgiving Point with Tyler, Sydney and McKay.
Fireworks in our front yard. Emmi loved them.