Friday, May 09, 2008


So here are the pictures of Clint's birthday that I promised. Funny though that they are only of Emmi. I guess that is how our life works!!

Enjoying some cake!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Clinty-Poo!!!

I am one day late with this post but I wanted Clint to know how much we love him. He is a GREAT hubby and I love being married to him. He is a great dad to Emmi and she loves him to death. He is such a good student and just finished his 2nd year of Medical School. Half way through!!!!! We are going to miss him for sure when we are in Utah for a month. Anyways... The big 27!!! WOW!!! You are old. And of course with Clint being the party animal that he is he had breakfast in bed (a bowl of cold cereal. Go me :)), he went to school and studied for the boards until 5:00. We had a pizza party with my cub scouts and had birthday cake with them to. Emmi gave him little cards with her hand and foot prints on them, and I gave him a big old kiss. I finished my book and he studied some more!!! Whew. I hope I didn't leave anything out!! He did get a ton of phone calls from family so that was really nice. Thanks!! So Happy Birthday Clint. We love you. (oh, I am at work right now and don't have access to photos so I will post them tomorrow). Lovies Clint!

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Many Hair-dos of Emmi

I love that Emmi's hair is getting long enough to do. I have been experimenting on her to see what will go and stay in her hair. She hates bows or headbands and pulls them right out. Well I guess she pulls her hair out no matter what. So I do her hair about 5 times a day because she pulls it out as soon as I leave the room, and I have to take her hair out when she goes down for her naps because she will eat the rubberbands. (She ate one on the way to church and so her hair was sticking straight up the whole time. It was very funny.) are the fun things hair-dos I have been able to do.

Piggy Tails (my favorite because her hair is
curly and they curl really cute when they
are pulled up.)
The back pony
Buns on top of the head
Bed head!!