Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finally...another blog!!

So Stoic Emmi. She is such a drool machine.

Emmi and Daddy just haning out!!

Right before church. She is too cute if I can say
so myself.

I think she is on the verge of folding her arms. Isn't
she so cute??

Emmi and Lars. This is her first kiss. Clint was
a little worried it has already started. The next day when
Lars came over he was cleaning out his shot gun. :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sweet little Emmers

I tried to do her hair because it is now
long enough. I don't know if you can see
it but it is sticking straight up in a little
rubber band. If you click on the picture
you can see it better.

Right before the bath. She found the toilet
paper and started unrolling it.

Isn't she sweet??

Just for you Whid!!

Whitney wanted me to post some pictures of our homemade (last minute) Halloween costumes. We went to a party with all our friends and so I needed some costumes. I went to Salvation army and bought these little get ups. Clint is a farmer, I am a carrot ( but I look more like a cream sickle) and of course Emmi is our little bunny. Whid I hope you enjoy these!!! Oh and PS, we did win an award for "Best Costumes".

Farmer Clint and Emmi

Mommy the carrot and Emmi. Do you
like my slammin' awesome shoes??

Emmi looks dead but she is really asleep. And I
look really chubby but those clothes were about
3 sizes too big. And I had layers on because we
were outside. (I just had to add that because it
makes me feel a little better.)

Emmi and her new friend Reese. This is Jen Hull
and her little girl Reese. I went to high school with
her and she is now living in Hershey!!! YEAH!!