Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hill Cumorah

This week has been an adventure. There were some exciting and fun days and then there were bad days. First the fun ones. We went to the Hill Cumorah Pagent in Palmyra, New York with some of our friends. It was a blast. We camped in the nearby KOA campground and went and saw all the sights. We went to Hill Cumorah and went through the visitor center that they have there, and then we went to the top of the hill where they have a statue of Angel Moroni on the place were they think the plates were buried. Then we went to the Sacred Grove and walked around. It was awesome and the spirit that you felt there was amazing. It is definitely something you have to experience first-hand to understand. We then drove by the Palmyra Temple but didn't get out because it started to rain and we had to get our tin foil dinners on the fire so we could be on time to the pagent. It is one of the smaller temples but so beautiful. The pagent was awesome and had tons of cool stories from the Book of Mormon and then told the story of Joseph Smith. It was a really fun experience. It did however rain the WHOLE time we were there. And when I say rain it isn't the rain you think about back in Utah. When it rains here it is like a torrential downpour. It can rain 2-3 inches in minutes. No one here has sprinkler systems because of how much rain there is. All of the tents got wet except for ours so one of the couples that we went with ended up sleeping in their car. It was really fun though. I am glad we did something this summer since it is Clints only summer off.

Another "fun" adventure we had this past week was buying a new car. When Clint's parents were in town Clint was driving them to the airport and on the way our car broke down. Clint was an hour away and they had no way of getting to the airport. So Clint scrambled to get someone to come pick up his parents from the side of the Turnpike to get them to the airport while he took our car to the mechanic. Thank heavens for great friends and neighbors. Our friend Jeff was the hero of the day and got everyone to where they needed to be. (Even though Clint's family missed their flights and had to sleep in the airport). Anyways...long story short we got the diagnosis back for our car and the engine was completely shot and it wasn't worth it to fix so we sent it to the car dump and have been searching for a car ever since. Again...I say thank heavens for great friends who let us borrow their spare cars for the past week and a half. So we finally bought a car yesterday and included is the picture. It is a Ford Escape and we love it. Especially for the price we got it at.

Anyways...I am rambling and need to go to bed. Our family is doing great. Emmi is still so much fun and grows so much everyday. Clint starts school again in about two weeks and I am still plugging along. We love everyone and miss you all.

At the top of Hill Cumorah with Angel Moroni.

The Bassetts, The Duncans, and The Wrights in the Sacred Grove.

Hill Cumorah...(Emmi looks really mad :))

Her new trick. She loves to grab her feet and rock back and forth. She isn't rolling yet but at least she isn't just a bump on a log anymore. She was having fun with her Daddy and copying him when he would grab his feet. It was really cute. She would do it only when Clint did it. She loves her Dad!!

The new Shaggin' Wagon. It is an awesome ride. I feel like an official mom now in the "Mom mobile". (Clint was embarassed that I took a picture of our car. He said you could only take a picture of a car if it was a 1995 Ford Taurus. NERD ALERT!!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New York

Hey everyone,
It has been so long since I last updated our blog. I finally changed our computer setting so I am now able to put pictures on it!!! A lot has been going on since I last wrote. First and most important, we had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. Emmi Kristine Duncan was born on March 5th. She is now 4 months old and getting so big. She is growing so much and has such a sweet personality. She is the best baby ever and really only cries when she is hungry or tired. She doesn't have a lot of tricks she can do, like rolling over, but she can sit up on her own if she has something supporting her back. She loves to giggle and loves to snuggle with Clint and me in bed in the morning. One thing that is so cute is she has a stuffed puppy (pictured above) that she LOVES. She is always hugging it or biting on it. She has to sleep with it or she just gets really fussy. We know that she doesn't have her puppy at nighttime when she starts to fuss, so all we have to do is give her the puppy and she goes right back to sleep. She is the sweetest baby in the whole world and we feel so blessed she is ours. Clint is now finished with his first year of medical school here at Penn State and has enjoyed every minute of it. He did really well in all of his classes and the teachers love him because he is such a hard worker. He is now doing research over the summer dealing with infants and pain management. He is also working at a sleep lab. I am enjoying being a mom and stay home most of the time with Emmi, but I work a couple hours a week at the library still. It has been nice to get some time to myself while Clint stays home with Emmi.

Clint's parents and Brady came to visit us a couple weeks ago and it was so much fun to have them here. We went to New York City and had a blast. It was a lot of fun. We saw most of the sights and even went to a Yankees game. We cheered for the Angels and got booed at when we took this picture (Clint has on an Angels hat). It was really fun and it was Emmi's first major league baseball game. What an adventure it was trying to get her to sleep. She cried every time the crowd cheered because they were so loud. It was really fun though. Anyways... that's whats been going on in our lives here in Hershey. We miss everyone and love all of you!!

Her one and only trick!!! Isn't she the cutest ever?!?!!!